Post-secondary vocational education refers to post-secondary (optional) cycle of studies, the so-called "apprenticeship class" (Level 5). In "Apprenticeship Class" (training at work place), which is optional, are eligible the holders of Certification and Degree of secondary cycle of EPA.L. The "Apprenticeship Class", which implements the dual system of education (apprenticeship) of O.A.E.D. (Greek Manpower Employment Organization) has duration of one (1) year and includes Apprenticeship with training at the work place, Specialty Classes and Preparatory Courses for Certification offered at the school. The responsibility for the implementation of the apprenticeship class, the placement in workplaces of all students, and all the relevant issues belongs to the EPA.L. and the O.A.E.D. The placement in workplaces of the students and monitoring them is considered as exercise of educational work.