Main providers of post-secondary non-tertiary education are the Vocational Training Institutes (IEK), which operate in the context of non-formal education and can lead to nationally recognized certification. Vocational Training Institutes (IEK), in accordance to L. 4186/2013, intend to provide initial vocational training to graduates of formal non-compulsory Secondary education, both of General and Vocational Lyceum (EPAL and GEL) and graduates of vocational schools (SEK).
IEK can be public or private. Attendance at Public Vocational Training Institutes is free. The supervision of public and private IEK and the responsibility to configure their educational framework belongs to the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. Certification of the Vocational Training Institutes (IEK) graduates falls under the responsibility of the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.).