A holder of a PRIMARY School Certificate has the necessary basic knowledge and cultivates the mental, emotional, and psychosocial competencies and skills that are necessary for performing a specific range of simple tasks. The PRIMARY School Certificate is necessary in order to enrol in the following level of compulsory education.

Relation To Employment

Holders of “PRIMARY School Certificate”- type titles may be employed for simple tasks, after the age of 16.


Access to this type of qualification is possible for anyone having attended Pre-primary School or any class of the PRIMARY School.
Holders of qualifications of this type have access to the first circle of secondary education.

Learning Outcomes


• Basic knowledge of vocabulary, functions, and structure of the Greek language for every communication instance.
• Understands and approaches basic scientific concepts and methods (mathematics, physics, and history) and applies them effectively in his/her everyday life.
• Acquires basic knowledge regarding the use of a computer and of a foreign language.
• Understands basic concepts about arts (visual arts, theatre, and music).


• Properly uses the Greek language for understanding, reading and also producing written and oral speech level.
• Uses simple materials and tools.
• Uses language as a code of communication and as a system of thought in numerous communication instances.
• Uses simple computer operations.


• Performs simple tasks based on specific instructions, by applying his/her basic knowledge.
• Performs tasks within a team.