VOCATIONAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL DEGREE (Ptychio Epaggelmatikis Eidikotitas) - Specialty "Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems"


The holder of a Vocational Upper Secondary School degree of this specialty:

1. Describes the types, the parts and the mechanisms and systems of the car.
2. Identifies car mechanisms and systems and explains the interaction between them.
3. Indicates and describes the necessary checks to be made to the car mechanisms and systems.
1. Identifies the malfunctions of machines and systems, assessing the relevant symptoms and results of tests and measurements.
2. Controls, regulates and repairs the engine and the vehicle systems.
3. Performs the assembly of systems and mechanisms.
4. Carries out precise measurement of tolerances and damages for mechanisms of the engine and other systems using appropriate instruments.
5. Handles modern vehicle diagnostic devices, whether they are wired, wireless, or internet based.
6. Applies the technical manuals instructions.
7. Implements health and safety measures.
8. Applies the basic material recycling principles.
1. Collaborates with other technicians in the performance of his duties.
2. Works autonomously.

Relation To Employment

Holders of qualifications of this Type are entitled to obtain a professional license, along with the relevant rights, as provided by the pertinent legislation on the specific specialty.


Access to programmes leading to such qualifications is available for graduates of compulsory education or graduates of the 1st class of General Upper Secondary School (they may enrol in the 2nd class of EPAL).
Holders of qualifications of this type are entitled to obtain, following examinations, an EPAL Certificate. With the acquisition of EPAL Certificate they also gain access to the Apprenticeship Class (Level 5).

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.