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Level Title
6 Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance. Department of Accounting and Finance. School of Economics and Business. University of Thessaly.
6 Bachelor's Degree in Materials Science and Technology. Department of Materials Science and Technology. Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. University of Crete.
6 Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics (Ptychio Mathimatikon). Department of Mathematics. School of Natural Sciences. University of Patras.
6 Integrated Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Technical University of Crete.
6 Integrated Master's Degree in Fine Arts. Pathways: 1) Painting 2) Sculpture 3) Printmaking. Department of Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts. Athens School of Fine Arts.
6 Integrated Master's Degree in Production Engineering and Management. School of Production Engineering and Management. Technical University of Crete.
7 Master’s Degree in “Didactic of Mathematics, Sciences and TICE: interdisciplinary approach ”. Department of Pre-school Education and Educational Design. Faculty of Humanities. University of the Aegean.
7 Master's Degree in " Didactics of mathematics" with directions : 1. Didactics of Mathematics of first age cycle (5-12 years old) 2. Didactics of Mathematics of second age cycle (13-18 years old). Department of Primary Education. Faculty of Education of Florina. University of Western Macedonia.
7 Master's Degree in "Electrical and Computer Engineering". Specialities: 1. Telecommunications, Signal Processing and Automatic Control, 2. Computer Science and Engineering, 3. Electronic, Energy and Quantum Systems. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Technical University of Crete.
7 Master's Degree in "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics" (MSc). Department of Education. School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE).