Holders of qualifications of this type acquire basic general education, elements of aesthetics, social skills and collaboration skills. By this type, the compulsory education is completed.

Relation To Employment

Holders of qualifications that belong to this type may work either as self-employed in professional fields where professional license or special studies are not required or as employees in public or private sector.


The PRIMARY school graduates (Apolytirio Dimotikou) have access to this type of qualification.
Holders of qualifications of this type have access:
- to Lykeio (GEL or EPAL)
- to Vocational Training Schools (S.E.K.) (level 3).

Learning Outcomes


• To have a good knowledge of vocabulary and the functions of the Greek language.
• To understand the basic content of the subjects taught in high school.
• To communicate in English at a moderate level.
• To acquire basic knowledge for becoming active democratic citizens (concepts about constitution, environment, nutrition, hygiene, etc.)


• To use basic computer applications in all the subject areas (digital literacy)
• To communicate orally and in writing with simple sentences in familiar environments.
• To listen, read and understand simple texts.
• To participate in environmental education programs, health education, sports, theatrical education.


• To act with limited autonomy at school or at work.
• To possess the necessary knowledge to meet the requirements of study in Lykeio (upper secondary school).