These qualifications are closely connected with specific professional fields: military forces, merchant marine, tourism and fine arts. The holders of these qualifications are specialized in their field and have the ability to supervise others.

Relation To Employment

Holders of POST SECONDARY AND NOT HIGHER EDUCATION DIPLOMA OR ‘DEGREE’ are considered as expert practitioners in an occupational field. Many of these qualifications relate to supervisory or command roles in organizations.


Holders of qualifications of GENERAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (LYKEIO), VOCATIONAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE ( EPAL) have access to programmes in the Anoteres Schools. Some programmes accept students on the basis of specific talent or achievement (e.g. in artistic fields).
Holders of POST SECONDARY AND NOT HIGHER EDUCATION DIPLOMA OR ‘DEGREE’ may access a range of Higher Education programmes leading to qualifications at Level 6 or higher.

Learning Outcomes


• To have broad, specialized, factual and theoretical knowledge in their field and are aware of the limits of this knowledge.
• To possess the main concepts, the regulations and the procedures of their domain to the extent it is needed, in order to interpret, calculate and evaluate the various elements in their occupational field.
• To know and interpret the prerequisite security requirements and the necessary actions referred to their occupational field.


• To possess a wide range of cognitive and practical skills required for the performance of the activities and tasks.
• To have specialized communication skills at a high level of theoretical and technical information and find solutions to specific problems in their occupational field.


• To work harmoniously with superiors, subordinates, and colleagues while working as a member of a team.
• To manage and supervise a specific task or learning process, under pressure where unforeseen changes can occur.
• To assume responsibility for the professional development of individuals and groups.