Doctorate in Digital Systems Science. Department of Digital Systems. School of Information and Communication Technologies. University of Piraeus.


- Cutting edge methodologies and analytical techniques in the field of the doctorate research.
- Training in the research subjects described in modern literature.

- Specification of research subjects and capability for their autonomous study and development.
- Production of new methodologies and analytical techniques.
- Theoretical and experimental evaluation of methodologies.
- Creation of scientific texts and presentations describing results.

- Autonomous conduct of research activity: Formulation / standardization of problems, reductions between problems, design, implementation and evaluation of innovative resolution methods and techniques.
- Composite thinking and comprehensive development of scientific results.

Further Information

The Department provides the potential of preparing a Doctorate Dissertation to each graduate of Greek or accredited foreign University that includes the necessary substantial and formal qualifications, in the following five (5) theme subjects:
1) Network-oriented Systems and Services, 2) Digital Healthcare Services, 3) Networks of Telecommunications and Integrated Services, 4) System Security, Intelligent Systems and Multimedia Technologies, 5) Telecommunication Systems, Technologically-supported Learning"

Relation To Employment

Having high qualifications of this type, they may either be self-employed or they may work in key positions for state or private businesses and organisations.


Access to this type is possible only for those who have obtained at least a level 7 qualification (unless it is provided for otherwise).
Holders of such type qualifications have access to programs of study of the same level.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.

Awarding Body

University of Piraeus

Qualification Type



Higher education




Minimum 3 years