Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Department of Business Administration. Faculty of Business. University of the Aegean.


Upon completing their studies, the graduates of the Department of Business Management will have acquired the necessary knowledge, competences and skills, which shall secure their scientific and professional recognition and advancement in the field of business management. Specifically, the graduates of the Department:
- They have acquired a scientific way of thinking, which allows for the methodical and rational approach to the resolution of problems and to the effective treatment of needs for modern businesses and organisations.
- They have been taught and are capable of making use of a series of modern tools and methods, which in combination with the way of thinking taught shall allow them to cope with the demanding and competitive market environment.
- They are suitably prepared to further their studies at a postgraduate level.

Further Information

A programme of university studies has two, parallel, strategic objectives:
- equip its students with the substantial knowledge required by their scientific and vocational prospects, and
- help them formulate a comprehensive perception about the scientific ethics and social responsibility of the scientist.
- The curriculum of the Department of Business Administration aims to the implementation of the above objectives and seeks to provide comprehensive preparation with regard to the vocational orientation of the student.
This means that, following the completion of studies, the graduate shall be equipped with the following:
- A theoretical background for the systematic understanding of the economy and of the general problems rising during the employment in managerial positions.
- Methodology for the improvement of the procedures applied for taking decisions and planning solutions, with special emphasis on quantitative methods and logical analysis.
- Techniques for the scientific and practical implementation of the above.

Through the selection, either of a direction of studies, or of a suitable combination of courses, apart from the special knowledge the students may acquire, the curriculum offers the opportunity of achieving the following general, for all selections, objectives:
- Acquire extensive and sufficiently in-depth knowledge of the theory, which helps them understand the general problems resulting during the conduct of duties at managerial positions in a financial unit.
- Train in the methods of organizing and expressing their thoughts and views, in order to be capable for scientific communication.
- Acquire knowledge that is extensive and of sufficient width and depth over the rational methods for the scientific approach of courses, with special emphasis on quantitative methods and logical analysis.
- Become aware of the social and human dimension of the issues that will concern them during their professional career, since the Aegean University upholds that the maximum benefit of the education provided is social usefulness and the humanitarian essence of science.
- Finally, transmit the necessary practical and experiential knowledge that allow students interested in postgraduate studies, to cope easily with their requirements.

The curriculum of the Department is developed and revised around three basic directions:
- Feedback on theory and practice.
- Provision of expensive information on different aspects of business management, in order to encourage at the same time specialized education on specific fields.
- Provision of opportunity to students to select and design their personal and professional career.

Relation To Employment

The graduates of the Department of Business Administration, based on their knowledge, competences, and skills acquired during their studies are able to work in the public or private sector, in any post requiring a Higher Education degree [University Education Administrative - Financial Departments], as well as an educator of higher education in the field of Economics PE09 [University Education]. The vocational rights of the Department' graduates have been legally established (L.1100/1980, Government Gazette 516/08.10.08, L. 2515/1997).


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.