Master's Degree in "Conservation Biology and Environmental Policy". Department of Environment. Faculty of Environment. University of the Aegean.


Theoretical and practical knowledge of the structure, dynamics, and operation of the Socio-Ecologic Systems. Focus on the fundamental biospheric processes of the earth environment (Earth - System) in the paired dimension of Human - Natural interactions.

Emphasis on the study of basic and applied aspects of the Ecology and Political science, of the natural and anthropogenic parameters of the natural (land and marine) environment, of the financial, social, and administrative knowhow for the management of living and natural resources and the promotion of modern methods for the administration and management of bodies related to the economy and natural space in terms of sustainability.

The purpose is to acquire skills for the analysis of complicated systems, such as human ecosystems, including their familiarization with tools that allow the analysis of a situation and the taking of decisions using multiple systems, such as Decision Support Systems, simulation models, multicriteria methods, etc.

In addition, the competence of understanding and dealing with complex environmental problems and impacts of the planet change, both with regard to its natural dimensions - climate change, change of land uses, loss of biodiversity, - and with regard to the social ones - globalisation of the economy, markets, international and European relations, environmental governance - as well as of the potential, opportunities and obstacles coming from the planet change for the natural environment and human activities.

Further Information

The Postgraduate Studies Programme aims to the creation of quality executives and human resources on issues of environmental management and policy, in fields such as environmental management, the protection of the ecosystems, the preservation of the countryside, the resolution of social conflict for disturbing activities, as well as safety and public health, the development of innovative procedures for the exploitation of natural product / services.

Relation To Employment

Holders of qualifications that belong to this type may work either as self-employed or in positions of responsibility in companies and organizations in the private or in the public sector.


Access to this type of qualification have those who hold a Bachelor Degree (level 6). The selection of graduate students is mainly based on the following criteria: the overall grade of the Bachelor Degree, the grades in undergraduate courses that are relevant with the subjects of the Master’s program, the performance in thesis, where is foreseen at the undergraduate level and any research activity of the candidate. The detailed application of the above mentioned criteria, the definition of additional criteria or the conducting of examinations and interviews, the results of which are taken into account in the selection, are determined by decision of the relevant Department.
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.