Doctorate in "Environmental Science". Department of Environment. Faculty of Environment. University of the Aegean.


The learner:
(a) acquires increased specialized knowledge on a specific field of environmental science, which contains sufficient data from the latest scientific developments and comprises the basis for original thinking, research and professional activity.
(b) demonstrates critical understanding of the principles, theories, methodologies and practices of the particular field of involvement and of their interlinking to other cognitive domains, and
(c) has heightened critical awareness of evolutionary dynamics and of the latest issues of their specific cognitive domain.

With regard to skills, the learner is capable of:
(a) easily applying the theories and methodologies of his/her field to other research work or studies and to the development of innovative solutions in composite, interdisciplinary or innovative issues;
(b) evaluate, interpret, and promote modern scientific research and studies relevant to the subject of his/her doctorate;
(c) document his/her positions using specialized information and arguments, related to the subject of his/her doctorate, towards a specialized or non-specialized audience with clarity, adequacy and accuracy.

The learner acquires the following competences:
(a) having developed with autonomy his/her knowledge and competences at a high level, he/she may apply with professionalism the specialized knowledge and skills acquired from the conduct of his/her doctorate and effectively deal with new, interdisciplinary, or unforeseen issues;
(b) solve problems and take strategic decisions starting with inductive reasoning, which has been acquired during the in-depth studying of his/her doctorate’s subject;
(c) can have a significant contribution to the development of knowledge and practices in the academic, professional, and business field.

Further Information

The purpose of the educational opportunity is the acquisition of quality knowledge for a specific scientific domain in the sciences of the environment and the development of skills in the application of scientific methodology and conduct of original research. The doctoral programme includes the procedures for undertaking and conducting a doctoral dissertation and the award of a doctorate title in Environmental Science. The conduct of the doctoral dissertation is performed through the conduct of independent research under the supervision of a professor and of a three-member committee. For the award of the Doctorate Diploma, it is necessary to write a scientific article and have it published in an international scientific reviewed journal. The minimum period for completing the Doctoral Dissertation is three years.

Relation To Employment

The doctorate is necessary to work as professor in Academic Institutions and as a Researcher in Research Institutes.


Access to this type is possible only for those who have obtained at least a level 7 qualification (unless it is provided for otherwise).
Holders of such type qualifications have access to programs of study of the same level.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.

Awarding Body

University of the Aegean

Qualification Type



Higher education




Minimum 3 years