Doctorate in "Marine Sciences". Department of Marine Sciences. Faculty of Environment. University of the Aegean.


They have an integrated perception of the function of the Ocean and the Coastal Zone, both as ecosystems and as climatic factors.
- They have extensive specialized knowledge on the field of Marine Sciences, which includes the most modern scientific developments, comprising the basis for original thinking and research activity.
- They show critical understanding of the principles, theories, methodologies and practices for a specific field of Marine Sciences, along with its interconnection with other cognitive domains.
- They are capable of formulating research hypothesis of particular scientific interest in their cognitive domain, design methods for checking the hypotheses (through laboratory experiments or field observations), deductively consider the correctness of hypotheses and apply a critical analysis in relation to the existing scientific knowledge.
- They easily operate scientific instruments and methodologies from their field of specialization, both in the laboratory and in the field.
- They analyse the scientific outcomes using statistical and calculative tools.
- They operate and programme computers in order to solve scientific problems.
- They apply with originality any specialized knowledge obtained through their doctorate to research, to analysis and to the development of innovative solutions for complex, interdisciplinary or pioneering issues.
- They are capable of evaluating and developing modern scientific research and studies relevant to Marine Sciences.
- They transmit knowledge to specialised audience or laymen with clarity, sufficiency, and accuracy.
- They apply with professionalism the specialised knowledge and competencies acquired from their doctorate and efficiently deal with new, interdisciplinary or unforeseen issues.
- They are capable of presenting in a structured and clear method the research outcomes of a study in a scientific text and publish them in international scientific journals.
¬- They are capable of preparing proposals for research programmes.

Further Information

The Doctorate in Marine Sciences promotes and cultivates research in the interdisciplinary fields of Oceanography and Marine Resources, in collaboration with Greek or international universities and research centres. The research activities of the candidate doctors cover a wide range of cognitive domains, which extend from Natural Oceanography and Biogeochemical Processes to the management of marine resources and the study of the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the man-nature interaction in the coastal zone.
The main themes of education for doctoral students are the following:
- Oceanography
- Management of Marine Biological Resources
- Geoinformatics and the applications in the Coastal and Sea Environment
- Management of Drainage Basins and of the Coastal Zone
- Quality of the Marine Environment
- Marine Ecology and Biodiversity
- Marine Spatial Planning and the Management of Protected Areas
- Geological Hazards and Coastal Sedimentology
- Fishing and Aquacultures

Relation To Employment

The holder of the doctorate may work in a research or academic position.


Access to this type is possible only for those who have obtained at least a level 7 qualification (unless it is provided for otherwise).
Holders of such type qualifications have access to programs of study of the same level.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.

Awarding Body

University of the Aegean

Qualification Type



Higher education




Minimum 3 years