Doctorate in "Accounting and Finance". Department of Accounting and Finance. Faculty of Business Administration. University of Macedonia.


The doctors of the department have the following:
- They have increased specialized knowledge in the field of the cognitive domain treated in relation to a Postgraduate Studies Programme that contains sufficient data from the latest scientific developments and constitutes the basis for original thinking, research and professional activity.
- They show critical understanding of the principles, theories, methodologies and practices for a specific field of their cognitive domain of research, along with its interconnection with other cognitive domains.
- They have increased critical perception of the evolutionary dynamic and of the cutting-edge issues of the specific cognitive domain that served as the subject of their doctorate.
- They apply with ease the theories and methodologies of the specialized subject of their doctorate in a critical and creative way on their own research, studies, and work.
- They apply with originality any specialized knowledge obtained through their doctorate to research, to analysis and to the development of innovative solutions for complex, interdisciplinary or pioneering issues. - They are capable of assessing, interpreting and promoting modern scientific research and studies related to the specialized field of their doctorate.
- They provide deductively-reasoned solutions, with scientific documentation, to complex and new issues of the specialized field of their doctorate and formulate valid judgments after considering the various relevant social, economic, cultural, and moral aspects.
- They document their positions using specialized information and arguments, related to the subject of their doctorate, towards a specialized or non-specialized audience with clarity, adequacy and accuracy.
- They have developed with autonomy their knowledge and competencies at a high level.
- They apply with professionalism the specialised knowledge and competencies acquired from their doctorate and can efficiently deal with new, interdisciplinary or unforeseen issues.
- They solve problems and take strategic decisions starting with inductive reasoning, which has been acquired during the in-depth studying of their doctorate’s subject.
- They contribute significantly to the progress of knowledge and practices in the professional and business field, and they have operational skill in managing crises.
- They take autonomous responsibility for education/training/teaching and managing a team and they assess its performance.

Further Information

The purpose of the Doctoral Dissertation in the cognitive domains of Accounting and/or Finance is the generation of original, quality, scientific research, which promotes the science of Accounting and Finance. The graduates of the doctoral programme are expected to join a research, business, or academic workforce.

The candidate students for the Doctoral Programme must meet the following formal requirements: (a) Degree issued by a Greek University, or a degree by a foreign University accredited by the Hellenic NARIC, (b) accredited Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma or Master's Degree issued by a Greek University or by a foreign University accredited by the Hellenic NARIC on the cognitive subjects of the Department of Accounting and Finance, or in relevant cognitive subjects (c) excellent knowledge of English, (d) official results of the GMAT with a general score no less than 600.

The term for acquiring the doctoral diploma cannot be less than three (3) complete calendar years from the appointment date of the three-member consulting board and not longer than five (5) years. After five years have elapsed, a special justification is required by the Advisory Board, along with a new time schedule, which shall document the ability to complete the Doctoral Dissertation within up to one (1) year. (For more information:

The completion of studies to acquire the doctorate diploma follows the procedure of two periods. The first period is a period for the preparation and examination of the candidate doctors in selected courses and over the entire coursework. The first period cannot exceed four (4) academic semesters. In the second period, the candidate doctor submits a thorough and detailed Research Proposal, presenting the subject of his/her doctoral research. During the writing of his/her doctoral dissertation, the candidate must present to the Department at least two (2) research seminars on the research of the doctoral dissertation. Attending the research seminars is compulsory for all candidate doctors of the Department.

Relation To Employment

Holding a doctorate diploma is a necessary condition for employment as a member of the teaching and research faculty in Universities or Technical Educational Institutes, or in domestic or foreign research centres.


Access to this type is possible only for those who have obtained at least a level 7 qualification (unless it is provided for otherwise).
Holders of such type qualifications have access to programs of study of the same level.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.

Awarding Body

University of Macedonia

Qualification Type



Higher education




Minimum 3 years