Doctorate in "Music Science and Art". Department of Music Science and Art. Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. University of Macedonia.


Upon completing their studies, students:
- show systematic and thorough understanding of the music studies, while holding artistic and other skills related to this field and the relevant research methods;
- show competence in capturing, designing, applying, and adapting a substantial research procedure with artistic and academic completion;
- have made an original contribution through research that expands the borders of knowledge and of the artistic understanding, thus producing a substantial quantity of work, part of which is worthy of national or international acknowledgment and dissemination through suitable paths;
- are capable of critical analysis, evaluation, and composition of new and complex ideas, artistic concepts, and procedures;
- can communicate with their colleagues, the wider artistic and academic community, and society in general in their fields of excellence;
- are expected to play a creative role in the promotion of understanding through a knowledge-based society.

Further Information

The Doctorate Studies Programme leads to the award of the Doctorate Diploma. Its purpose is to ensure the scientific proficiency and artistic completion of students, the specialisation and culture of a high level of skills and knowledge over the cognitive subjects treated in the Department, along with the promotion of research in the respective scientific domains.

Relation To Employment

Having high qualifications of this type, they may either be self-employed or they may work in key positions for state or private businesses and organisations.


Access to this type is possible only for those who have obtained at least a level 7 qualification (unless it is provided for otherwise).
Holders of such type qualifications have access to programs of study of the same level.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.

Awarding Body

University of Macedonia

Qualification Type



Higher education




Minimum 3 years