Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Direction in Marketing. Faculty of Business and Economics. Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.


Students of the undergraduate programme of Business Administration with Marketing Direction acquire the knowledge about the science of Business Administration and Management, with specialisation on Marketing, and specifically of fields that include, among others, the following: market research, communication and advertising, strategic marketing design, electronic marketing, globalization of corporations and exports to international markets, political marketing. In addition, necessary knowledge over specific fields are offers, such as management of human resources, accounting, finance, information technology, and law for businesses. Specifically, the graduates acquire the theoretical background, the skills, and the competences with regard to the following:
1. They understand the basic concepts of management, marketing and of the general content thereof, as well as of using new technologies in marketing.
2. They use scientific tools for the analysis of business problems and for taking better decisions, as well as for scheduling business operations.
3. They design and conduct market research with specific objectives, and using suitable data collection methodology.
4. They delve into consumer behaviour and to the development of suitable communication / advertising policies, within the context of a marketing programme.
5. They analyse the internal and external environment of an organisation, with the purpose of locating opportunities and risks, specifying marketing objectives, and ensuring the growth and the control of measurable strategies in international markets.
6. They understand the principles of effective human resources management, of conflict management, and of changes in an organization.

Further Information

The purpose of the underground programme of Business Administration with Marketing direction is the creation of competent executives, in terms of administration, with general knowledge over the science of administration and specific knowledge and competences for the application of modern marketing in international, competitive markets. There, business decisions are taken within an environment of uncertainty and require interdisciplinary approach and knowledge.
Upon completing the programme, the graduates of the department acquire the necessary general and special theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in order to successfully: (A) work in various fields of their subject, either on their own or as executives or managers of private or public organisations, agencies and/or non-profitable institutions, (b) follow, based on the background of their studies, the developments, both theoretical and technological, in their subject, and c) pursue postgraduate studies in the fields of administration and marketing in Tertiary Education Institutions in Greece or abroad.

Relation To Employment

The graduates of the Department of Business Administration, with Marketing direction, due to their complete interdisciplinary and technological background in administration and marketing, shall be competitive and able to work, either on their own or in collaboration with other scientists, in various modern fields of management and marketing, in the public or private sector, in international markets or in electronic trade. The vocational rights of the graduates of the departments of Business Administration and of those relevant to commerce / advertising in general have been specified based on Presidential Decree 514/89 (Government Gazette 218/5-10-89/bulletin Α) as well as by Presidential Decree 78/1989 (Government Gazette 36/7-2-89/bulletin Α), respectively. In addition, supplementary rights have been established, according to which the graduates of the departments of Business Administration are entitled to acquire a practice license as Accountants - Tax Technicians (see Article 13 of Law 2771/99, Government Gazette 280/bulletin Α/16-12-99, and Article 17 of Law 3470/2006, Government Gazette 132/bulletin Α/28-6-2006). Specifically, the graduates of the department of Business Management with Marketing direction are entitled to work as executives in:
- Organisations of the public sector and of local governance.
- Businesses of private sector, focused on the design, organization, scheduling, implementation, and control of marketing strategy plans, accounting, financial an tax assessment of the organization, management of human behaviour, manning, education, employee assessment, conduct of research market, advertising, exhibition hosting, communication, and public relations for an organization.
- Senior and/or Managerial executives, in public and private organisations, with the prospect of climbing the chain of command, as per the applicable legislation and the vocational rights under the above Presidential Decree. Finally, the graduates may, based on the background of their studies, pursue postgraduate studies in various fields of marketing management and/or work as educators in the secondary or tertiary education.


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.