Master's Degree in "Mental Health". Department of Nursing. Faculty of Health ad Welfare. Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.


Teaching objectives:
- Graduates with specialized knowledge on Mental Health.
- Understanding of the techniques and methods for prevention, treatment, care and research applied in mental health.
- Understanding of the wider philosophy of the methods of prevention, treatment, and care of illnesses within the context of mental health.
- Applications of quality systems in mental health.
Clinical objectives
- Expansion of modern clinical methods on prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of illnesses within the context of mental health.
- Competence of taking specialised clinical decisions relevant to the care of the mentally ill.
- Support of the interdisciplinary collaboration of the Mental Health Professionals, in order to know and understand the essence of the questions asked by biopsychosocial sciences, while being ware of the extent and limitations of possible answers.
Social objectives
- Preparation of specialized scientists who shall be able to:
- know and intervene to mental health systems;
- design and develop programmes for intervening to the community;
- applying systems for the quality control of the services provided on the care of mental health.
Financial objectives
- More rational financial management of the mental health services provided.

Further Information

The objective of the programme is Mental Health Care. The programme aims at the theoretical training of graduate students in mental health and at their practical education in mental health services and organisations. It also provides opportunities to study topics of special interest, such as dual diagnosis, psycho-social and psycho-educational interventions, illness management, death management and mental health promotion. The postgraduate studies programme also aims at training specialised health professionals who will be employed as mental health specialists in mental health services and organizations.

Relation To Employment

Holders of qualifications that belong to this type may work either as self-employed or in positions of responsibility in companies and organizations in the private or in the public sector.


Access to this type of qualification have those who hold a Bachelor Degree (level 6). The selection of graduate students is mainly based on the following criteria: the overall grade of the Bachelor Degree, the grades in undergraduate courses that are relevant with the subjects of the Master’s program, the performance in thesis, where is foreseen at the undergraduate level and any research activity of the candidate. The detailed application of the above mentioned criteria, the definition of additional criteria or the conducting of examinations and interviews, the results of which are taken into account in the selection, are determined by decision of the relevant Department.
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.