Bachelor Degree of Fire Officers. Hellenic Fire Officers School. Hellenic Fire Academy.


The purpose of the Hellenic Fire Officers School is to provide to the Fire Brigade (F.B.) Permanent Officers, suitable educated and trained, in order to cover its needs, produce knowledge and advance research around the firefighting science and technology, and the management of crises and of natural and anthropogenic (technological) disasters, while supporting the operations of the F.B. with the available means and personnel.
Students, following graduation shall be capable of the following: 
- Identity and understand the principles of the firefighting science and technology, and of managing crises and natural and anthropogenic (technological) disasters, while understanding and interpreting the clauses of the relevant current law.         
- Identify and understand the principles of the relevant theoretical, positive, and applied sciences. 
- Discern and specify the numerous subjects and responsibilities of the Fire Brigade and describe practices relevant to firefighting and crisis management.                                  
- Identify the parts and the rules of operation of all firefighting means and equipment used by the Fire Brigade.                    
- Understand the basic principles of management.     
Skills - Competencies:                                         
- Organize and plan issues falling into the competence of firefighting – crisis management.                                                       
- Conduct their interrogation duties within the context of the competences of the Fire Brigade (e.g. arsons, etc.).                
- Use all firefighting means and resources available, as per the applicable law.                                                            
- Respond to crises and manage them according to their duties.                
- Communicate with civilians, with the purpose of protecting society.                                       
- Assign roles and duties to their subordinates.  
- Develop during their work and career team spirit and the sense of upholding moral values.  
Through training in the Hellenic Fire Officers School, the graduates can evaluate the various situations during their service and properly apply the Constitution and the applicable Law, having realised their mission, as state functionaries and social factors.

Further Information

The following Cycles of Studies are available in the Hellenic Fire Officers School, along with the various specialisations / subjects: 
A. Cycle of Studies of Technical Sciences, which includes the following: 
(1) Subject on Material Science and Technique.   
(2) Subject on Structural Materials and Structures – Material Testing in high temperatures.  
(3) Subject on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  
(4) Subject on Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.  Orbit monitoring systems, etc. 
B. Cycle of Studies on disasters, which includes the following: 
(1) Subject on Natural and Technological Disasters 
(2) Workshop on Rescue Operations.  
(3) Subject on Forest Ecology and Wildfires.  
(4) Subject on Firefighting and Strategy. 
(5) Physical education. 
C. Cycle of studies of legal – administrative – financial sciences, which includes the following: 
(1) Subject on Legal Science. 
(2) Subject on Public Administration and Management of the Fire Brigade  
(3) Subject on Public Accounting – Management of EU Funds.     
(4) Subject on Firefighting Law. 
D. Cycle of studies of general education and social sciences, which includes the following: 
(1) Foreign languages, language – linguistics – lexicology – phraseology – terminology, methodology for learning a foreign language, computer applications in linguistic research and teaching, English terminology about firefighting – managing crises and disasters, firefighting technology, techniques of linguistic communication – applications in the Fire Brigade. 
(2) Subject on Social Sciences. 
(3) Subject on Occupational Health and Safety. 
(4) Subject on Information Technology, Geoinformatics, and Remote sensing.

Relation To Employment

The degree from the Fire Officers School is necessary to serve as an Officer in the Fire Brigade. The Fire Officers School of the Hellenic Fire Academy is equivalent to the Schools and Departments of the University Sector of Higher Education, as defined each time by the legislation, providing equal education and granting degrees equivalent to those.


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.