Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance. Department of Accounting and Finance. Faculty of Management and Economics. Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.


Upon completion of their studies, graduates are nominated "Accounting and Finance Graduates" and have the necessary scientific and technological knowledge and skills to be professionally active in all areas of the Department's field, either as executive accountants in businesses, agencies and departments of private and public sector, or as self-employed. In particular, the graduate of Accounting and Finance:
• Keeps accounting books and records of all categories in accordance with applicable tax laws and GAAP and its branches.
• Compiles and analyses financial statements and detailed statements.
• Draws up budgets for businesses and organizations and explores them according to standard cost.
• Applies cost accounting principles and methods.
• Prepares financial studies and provides financial advice.
• Applies internal and external audit procedures.
• Performs detailed costing and exports data on fiscal year, market research and promotion of goods and services in businesses and organizations.
• Is aware of the modern applications of PCs in Accounting generally.

Further Information

Purpose: The systematic and continuous effort to revive all levels of knowledge and the introduction of the latest educational and research methods, techniques, and procedures, focusing on creativity, innovation and leadership, and their implementation in companies and organizations in the private and public sectors.
Study Structure:

The duration of studies of the department graduate is eight (8) semesters. During the first seven (7) semesters, studies include theoretical teaching, laboratory exercises, tutorials, seminars, visits to production sites and assignments with an emphasis on case studies and participatory work. Attention is given to the development of student’s personal skills and initiatives, and on problem-solving capacities.
The eighth (8th) semester includes Practical Training in workplaces related to the profession and a thesis.

Relation To Employment

The professional rights of Accountants are set by the Presidential Decree 349/1989 (Official Gazette/159 14-6-1989). Graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finance of the School of Management and Economics of Technological Educational Institutes, pursuant to Presidential Decree 349/1989 (Official Gazette/159 14-6-1989) have the following professional rights:
Can work either in accounting departments or in sections or areas that have organic relationship with the accounting department and deal with issues such as
• keeping and updating accounting records for which scientific analysis of financial operations are required, such as cash book, book of various operations, book of purchases, book of sales, book of production and cost estimate, etc.;
• keeping of accounting books in which assets of financial units are periodically recorded, as well as related financial statements, such as inventories and balance sheets books etc.;
• preparation of statements or other documents containing analysis and accounting formulation of financial operations with manual or computerized accounting records;
• keeping and issuance of data used in the accounts department as first registration information, such as duplicates of levying tariffs etc.;
• updating of customers records;
• inventory of assets;
• keeping books of cost estimate data and warehouse data;
• payroll;
• keeping of various items and books provided for by the legislation;
• monitoring the implementation of the entire accounting system of economic units and
• direction and monitoring of work in areas relevant to the accounting departments such as costing, purchasing, supplies etc.
Finally, they may be appointed in education in accordance with the legislation in force (Official Gazette 159, Presidential Decree 349, pp. 3877-3882).


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.