Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Department of Nursing. Faculty of Health and Welfare Professions. Technological Educational Institute of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.


The basic philosophy of the Department of Nursing and the general structure of eight semesters’ curriculum are oriented to the needs and care of healthy people and people with health problems. The Department aims to prepare the student to be able to meet the health needs of people (sick and healthy), both at the primary level and the secondary / tertiary level.
The above objectives are achieved through education which:
1. Initiating students to the complex and dynamic nature of nursing science as operated in primary, secondary and tertiary care.
2. Contributes to the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes-dispositions with which the nurse will be able to assess the health needs of people, to take action to address these needs through skilful nursing care and to evaluate results.
3. Facilitates the development of nursing students as self-disciplined personalities, sensitive to the needs of other people, reliable and responsible in decision making.
4. Enhances growth of analytical and creative thinking in students aimed to the progress of Nursing as a science.

Further Information

Purpose: The overall objective of the Department is to educate general care nurses who should be able to promote, protect, maintain and restore the health of individuals / groups or the autonomy of their vital physical and mental functions, taking into account the personality of each individual and his/her psychological, social, economic and cultural characteristics.
Nurses must:
1. Have a high level of theoretical knowledge, skills and similar dispositions requisite for the exercise of nursing science.
2. Be skilled professionals able to work effectively at all levels of care in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health Care.
3. Be willing and able to continue their professional development with the continuous enrichment of both theoretical knowledge and skills through critical approach to daily operation and the continuous learning process.
4. Pursue the development of education and exercise of nursing science at the highest level.
Curriculum: Studies in the department include theoretical teaching, practice exercises, laboratory exercises, seminars and visits to health service organizations. Special attention is given to development of personal skills of the student, including development of initiatives, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
The last semester includes a thesis; during this term, exercise in the profession can also be carried out.

Relation To Employment

Graduates of the Department of Nursing have the title "Nurse" (Paragraph 2 of Article 5 of Law 1579/85) and acquire specific scientific knowledge in all aspects of nursing care, as polyfunctional Nurses of general tasks.

Nurses have the right to employment either as nursing unit managers in public and private sectors, or as self-employed across the spectrum of nursing care provision.


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.