VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (EPAS) CERTIFICATE (PTYCHIO EPAS) - Specialty "Silver and gold smithing"


The holder of an EPAS certificate of this specialty:

1. Knows how to draw a technical drawing (sides, floor plans, sections, axonometric, colour and shading) and jewellery design (using also computer software).
2. Describes the techniques for the manufacturing and finishing of jewellery.
3. Recognizes occupational data.
1. Designs jewellery models with a comprehensive design presentation.
2. Handles the basic tools and machinery for the processing of metals and alloys and the configuration thereof.
3. Sets the surfaces of metals using tools (jigsaw, file) to implement complex projects.
4. Sets metals for the manufacturing of accessories (clips, butterfly, index disc, bezel, clasp, tongue).
5. Sets metals for the manufacture of bezels, of various shapes and sizes for mounting precious and semiprecious stones.
6. Effectively handles the procedure - finishing of a complex jewellery.
7. Operates effectively all the machinery needed for manufacturing reproductive jewellery (rubber mold, wax mold, venting, dewaxing, baking of muffles and casting).
8. Observes the laboratory safety, health and environmental protection rules.
1. Collaborates with other artisans in the performance of his duties.
2. Organizes his business optimally.

Relation To Employment

License to provide services, in accordance with the provisions of each specialty.


Access to EPAS is given to graduates of 1st grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL).
The holders of Ptychio EPAS have access to:
- the 2nd grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or
- the 2nd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a non-related specialty to the obtained EPAS qualification.
- the 3rd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a specialty related to the obtained EPAS qualification.

Ways To Aquire

Formal education system

Thematic Areas