VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (EPAS) CERTIFICATE (PTYCHIO EPAS) - Specialty "Garment Design and Production"


The holder of an EPAS certificate of this specialty:

1. Describes the types, parts and operation of the garment assembly machines.
2. Recognizes the mechanisms and systems of garment assembly machines and the main fabrics.
3. Reads and interprets sketches of models, complex projects and technical instructions and applies them in his work.
4. Estimates the cost of products.
5. Selects the appropriate type and quality of the fabric depending on the species and type of garment.
6. Specifies technical guidance for implementation in the fabrication of garments.
7. Follows quality standards (ISO & EN 43000) and controls the response of production to specifications.
8. Organizes the production of each batch of product.
1. Draws sketches, complex and original garment designs models and applies them to produce cutting patterns (templates) and manufacture the garment.
2. Creates cutting standards (composite pattern) based on his own designs or according to the fashion designer requirements.
3. Creates, organizes and presents a personal collection with original designs, in line with fashion trends.
4. Produces a sample of the production of each new season.
5. Handles CAD software to create garment models (Design software).
6. Handles the CAD programs for creating and editing cutting patterns (complex patterns).
7. Selects and uses tools and machines for fabric processing and garment manufacturing.
8. Supervises and checks the proper functioning of garment manufacturing machines.
1. Collaborates with other technicians in the performance of his duties.
2. Works independently in his field of expertise.

Relation To Employment

License to provide services, in accordance with the provisions of each specialty.


Access to EPAS is given to graduates of 1st grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL).
The holders of Ptychio EPAS have access to:
- the 2nd grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or
- the 2nd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a non-related specialty to the obtained EPAS qualification.
- the 3rd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a specialty related to the obtained EPAS qualification.

Ways To Aquire

Formal education system