VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (EPAS) CERTIFICATE (PTYCHIO EPAS) - Specialty "Assistant Physiotherapist"


The holder of an EPAS certificate of this specialty:

1. Has core knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
2. Describes the various techniques of physical therapy - restoration and mobilization, as well as the operating principles of the machines and of the equipment of the Physical Treatment Laboratory.
3. Helps patients to take proper, functional and comfortable positions for the application of the treatment operations.
1. Helps the Physiotherapist responsible apply the therapeutic exercises and programmes of kinesitherapy and training, with the purpose of treating various conditions of the musculoskeletal and neural system.
2. Operates computer software, updating the relevant file and entering their referral forms into groups, depending on the Insurance Organisations.
1. Applies simple physical therapy techniques to patients, based on the individual restoration plan of the patient, and as such has been issued by the Physiotherapist responsible.
2. Checks for the safe movement of patients inside the Physical Therapy - Hydrotherapy practice, or anywhere else he is employed, leading them while wearing proper attire to the areas where the next physical therapy operations are going to take place.
3. Checks for the adequacy and proper use of consumables in the work area and suggests to the person responsible the replacement and procurement thereof.

Relation To Employment

License to provide services, in accordance with the provisions of each specialty.


Access to EPAS is given to graduates of 1st grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL).
The holders of Ptychio EPAS have access to:
- the 2nd grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or
- the 2nd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a non-related specialty to the obtained EPAS qualification.
- the 3rd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a specialty related to the obtained EPAS qualification.

Ways To Aquire

Formal education system