VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (EPAS) CERTIFICATE (PTYCHIO EPAS) - Specialty "Wood curving - Furniture decoration"


The holder of an EPAS certificate of this specialty:

1. Identifies and describes the types of wood with the required characteristics, the method of classification and drying of wood and how to prepare for the objects to be manufactured.
2. Identifies the defects, the illnesses and the deterioration of wood.
3. Describes the appropriate design tools, the design manner of decorative woodcuts patterns, with or without the aid of a computer, and determines the dimensions of various furniture in natural size.
4. Describes the ways of working when applying stucco, painting, and finishing the objects created.
5. Identifies and describes the tools and equipment (hand and power) used in wood carving work, the method of maintenance thereof and describes appropriate protective measures for their use.
6. Describes the basic marketing principles of the products produced.
1. Selects as basic raw material wood species that possess the required characteristics, sorts and dries the wood to be treated.
2. Treats properly defects, diseases and deterioration of wood.
3. Prepares the timber for the objects to be manufactured and selects and uses appropriate tools and equipment (hand and power), while taking appropriate protective measures.
4. Designs, decorates new designs with or without the help of a computer and selects the decorative motifs to be created, identifying the various dimensions of furniture in natural size, using drawing instruments and transfer the form on wood.
5. Arranges for the filling, painting, finishing of the objects produced and for the proper assembly of furniture and objects manufactured.
6. Operates and maintains the main tools and machines for cutting and grinding wood, along with other tools and machinery.
7. Takes measures for the environmental management and recycling of waste from wood processing and for environmental protection.
8. Trades woodcarvings and furniture.
9. Maintain business management books.
10. Completes the necessary tax vouchers, forms and records.
1. Collaborates with other artisans in the performance of his duties and understands how to apply their instructions.
2. Ensures the observance of timelines set by superiors.
3. Works independently by taking responsibility for completing his work.
4. Applies the best practices to protect the natural environment and ecosystems.
5. Develops basic communication skills.
6. Meets the basic rules of health and safety.

Relation To Employment

License to provide services, in accordance with the provisions of each specialty.


Access to EPAS is given to graduates of 1st grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL).
The holders of Ptychio EPAS have access to:
- the 2nd grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or
- the 2nd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a non-related specialty to the obtained EPAS qualification.
- the 3rd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a specialty related to the obtained EPAS qualification.

Ways To Aquire

Formal education system