Bachelor in Graphic Design. Department of Graphic Design. Faculty of Fine Arths and Design. Technological Educational Institute of Athens.


"Studies in the Graphic Design department provide theoretical and applied knowledge, which develop visual perception, aesthetics, culture, capacity for planning and expression, the ability to use materials and instruments, the elements required for creating graphic work, at all levels of research and application concerning the communication sector in the extensive labour market and education. The graduate of the Graphic Design Department, having acquired the necessary artistic, technological and scientific tools at theoretical and practical level, can work as a Graphic Designer in the private sector, advertising agencies, publishing houses, graphics businesses, newspapers, magazines etc., in the State, in public entities (Public Entity), in the socialized sector, in companies of public interest, etc., in organizations that include a design and editing studio. In education (Technical Educational Institutes, Centres for Vocational and Technical Education, Institutes of Vocational Training, Technical Vocational Centres, etc.) in accordance with applicable law. They also can work as a member of research teams on applied research, within the above responsibilities.

Further Information

The curriculum aims to the theoretical and practical teaching of the basic artistic, technological, and scientific principles in fields of Graphic Design, in order to train employees who shall engage professionally with the following:
- The design of corporate identity.
- The design, organisation, and editing of printed material.
- The design, illustration, and editing of a book.
- Multimedia graphic design.
- Graphic design for promoting products and ideas.
The education starts from the inception of the idea, its analysis, processing, and formulation into an image model, using traditional methods and the most modern means of technology, leading to its presentation and delivery for multiple use and promotion to the market.
The objective of the programme is to cultivate in the future Graphic Designers a high intellectual and aesthetic level, which shall enable them to cope with the social responsibilities they are going to undertake.

Relation To Employment

Holders of qualifications that belong to this type may work either as self-employed or in positions of responsibility in companies and organizations in the private or in the public sector.


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.