Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance. Department of Accounting and Finance. Faculty of Management and Economics. Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese.


Through the acquisition of applied knowledge about the subjects of Accounting and Finance, the graduates of the department are capable of understanding the method for the operation and management of financial and accounting means and services, at corporate level, both nationally and internationally. They have the knowledge to perform accounting entries and audit, prepare balance sheets, and enter accounting data. They also can manage and evaluate investment and insurance products, apply hedging techniques, assess and evaluate the financial course of a company, apply the best possible practices for the financial management and administration at corporate or organisation level.
The graduates of the department may exercise the profession of Accountant either on their own or as members of a respective corporate unit.

Further Information

The educational opportunity refers to the fields of accounting and finance, to which the content of studies is focused. The purpose of the programme is to train properly educated professional accountants and financial scientists, who shall undertake the respective positions in the labour market.

Relation To Employment

The graduate of the department can be employed as accountant - tax technician.


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.