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Level Title
4 VOCATIONAL SCHOOL (EPAS) CERTIFICATE (PTYCHIO EPAS) - Specialty "Art Conservation - Restoration"
6 Bachelor Degree in Fine and Applied Arts. Department of Fine Arts and Applied Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts.University of Western Macedonia
6 Bachelor's Degree in Furniture Design and Wood Technology of Technological Education. Department of Furniture Design and Wood Design of technological Education. Faculty of Technological Applications. Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.
6 Bachelor's Degree in Culture, Creative Media and industries. Department of Culture, Creative Media and industries. School of Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Thessaly.
6 Degree of Management and Conservation of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Objects Programme. University of Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki.
7 Joint Master's Degree in "Art, Virtual Reality and Multiuser Systems of Artistic Expression". Department of Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts. Athens School of Fine Arts. - Department of Art, Philosophy, Aesthetics/ Art and technology of Image. University Paris 8.
7 Master’s Degree in "Web Cities and Representations". Department of Cultural Heritage Management & New Technologies. School of Economics and Business. University of Patras.
7 Master's Degree in "Art, Law and Economy". School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies. International Hellenic University.
7 Master's Degree in "Digital Arts Forms". Department of Fine Arts.Faculty of Fine Arts. Athens School of Fine Arts.
7 Master's Degree in "Post-Industrial Design: Design & Artistic Practices for the Production of Everyday Life". Department of Architecture. School of Engineering. University of Thessaly.