Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science of Technological Education. Department of Computer Science of Τechnological Education. Faculty of Technological Applications. Technological Educational Institute of Central Greece.


Upon successfully completing their studies, the graduates of the Department acquire the necessary scientific and technological background in order to be capable of participating in and or undertaking the following: the design, development, and maintenance of software and hardware of computer systems, the design, development, and management of data networks, the design and development of products and services concerning the aforementioned sectors, the implementation of programme of applied research and development.

Further Information

The curriculum is completed within eight semesters. During the seven first semesters, theoretical teaching is performed (theory and practical exercises), along with the laboratory practice of students. During this period, students participate - individually or in groups - in the preparation of studies or work aiming, firstly to the development and consolidation of the knowledge acquired for the specific field, and secondly, to their familiarization with the technique and the methods for preparing and presenting technical reports and studies. From the fifth semester of their studies, students are called to select the direction of their studies. The directions offered are three: I. Network Engineers of Technological Education, II. Computer Engineers of Technological Education, III. Software Engineers of Technological Education. The selection of the direction affects the respective group of direction courses that must be attended by students during the fifth, sixth, and seventh semester. In order to complete their education, the students of the department are obliged to prepare their dissertation and attend practical training for six months. This period offers students with the ability of delving into the subject of their choice (through their dissertation), while acquiring (through practical training) their first contact with issues concerning the labour market.

Relation To Employment

The Degree of Computer Engineer of Technological Education is necessary in order to exercise the profession of Computer Specialist (Software and Hardware).


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.