• Know the special principles and concepts, the content and scientific vocabulary of their specialty.
• Analyze information that enables them to understand their work field.
• Possess at an adequate level the methods and procedures of the new technologies.
• Know the safety and hygiene requirements and the relevant actions for their specialty.


• Hold a wide range of cognitive and practical skills of their specialty.
• Apply with fluency a range of specialized techniques in their field of expertise.
• Solve in a creative manner specific problems that arise in their working environment.
• Have communication skills at the level of theoretical and technical information in subjects of their expertise.
• Handle with expertise the required technological equipment of their specialty.


• Operate with autonomy in their field of work and have the ability to supervise others, depending on their specialty and in the context of their duties.
• Engage effectively in group work.
• Act within the scope of their specialty according to the principles of the professional ethics.
• Develop initiatives in specific fields of their specialty.

Relation To Employment

Holders of qualifications that belong to this type may work either as self-employed or as employees in their specialty, in accordance with the applicable legal framework.


Access to this type of qualification have the students that have completed the upper secondary education or S.E.K.
Holders of this type of qualifications do not have access to higher education.