The holder of an EPAS certificate of this specialty:

1. Identifies the physicochemical properties of clays at low and high temperature.
2. Identifies safety rules in relation to heat, electricity and fire safety.
3. Identifies the materials for pottery making and describes the function of the machinery used.
1. Manufactures composite ceramic objects using the wheel with different manufacture techniques.
2. Treats in the wheel additional materials (porcelain, refractory clay).
3. Handles ceramic decoration tools.
4. Decorates ceramic using materials of traditional or modern technology.
5. Applies glazes on ceramic surface.
6. Poses a personal style on his work.
7. Manufactures items of larger volume in a single piece or split in prefabricated parts.
8. Manufactures plaster models and molds from it.
9. Manufactures clay items in series.
10. Handles the instruments of the kiln.
11. Selects materials that contribute to the protection of natural resources.
1. Collaborates with other artisans in the performance of his duties.

Relation To Employment

License to provide services, in accordance with the provisions of each specialty.


Access to EPAS is given to graduates of 1st grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL).
The holders of Ptychio EPAS have access to:
- the 2nd grade of General Upper Secondary School (Lykeio) or
- the 2nd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a non-related specialty to the obtained EPAS qualification.
- the 3rd grade of Vocational Upper Secondary School (EPAL), in a specialty related to the obtained EPAS qualification.

Ways To Aquire

Formal education system