Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Direction in Tourism & Hospitality Management. Department of Business Administration. Faculty of Business and Economics. Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.


Students acquire knowledge on the scientific fields of Business Administration and Management, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Market Research, Information Technology for Corporations, and Quantitative Methods. In addition, specialised knowledge are provided with regard to the internal operation, the organisation and management of tourism, hotel, catering, and travel businesses.
The graduates acquire skills over the following specific fields:
1. Catering of hotels and generally of catering units.
2. Procurement of food, beverages, and equipment.
3. Scheduling of business operations in tourism businesses.
4. Financing of tourism businesses.
5. Keeping of guest accounts (Main Courante).
6. Floor supervision.
7. Supervision and management of the personnel of tourism businesses.
8. Market research for the sale of tourism goods and services.
9. Management of catering businesses (restaurants, cafeterias, etc.), bars, clubs and canteens in tourism areas that fall into Luxury and A Class.
10. Drafting of incomes - expenses budget.
11. The graduates of the department exercise the above activities also when these refer to hotel, catering, and other departments of passenger vessels / cruise ships.
12. Provision of Tourism Information.
13. Issuing of air and ship tickets.
The competences of the graduates are focused on the ability of using the above knowledge in the fields of organizing and managing tourism businesses and organisations, such as hotels, travel, aviation, and maritime agencies, catering businesses in tourism areas and hotel and catering departments - bars in passenger vessels and cruise ships, conferences - events and recreation, etc.

Further Information

Upon completing their studies, the graduates acquire the necessary, as per the international standards, theoretical and technological knowledge and skills, in order to successfully proceed with the following: a) pursue Postgraduate Studies in Tertiary Educational Institutions domestically or abroad, b) follow, based on the background of their studies, the fast developments, both theoretical and technological, in their cognitive subject, and c) work in every aspect of the subject of the Department, either as freelancers or as managers or executives in relevant or public businesses, organisations, and agencies.

Relation To Employment

Under Presidential Decree no. 356 (Government Gazette 160/16-6-1989, bulletin Α), the graduates, based on their specialised scientific and technical knowledge, work either on their own or in collaboration with other scientists, in the private or public sector, or as self-employed, engaged with the study, research, and application of modern technology in tourism economy and specifically in the production and marketing of tourism goods and services, as well as with management over the various tourism units and travel agencies.
The graduates shall be entitled to:
- Work as a manager of hotel agencies.
- Work as a manager of travel agencies.
> Provide services to the Inspection Directorate of the Hellenic Tourism Organisation and to other administrative and leading directorates.
> Prepare feasibility studies for the establishment - expansion of tourism businesses.
The above graduates cover the entire scope of the chain of command relevant to their specialisation.
The graduates may work in education, as per the applicable legislation.
In addition, they may also engage with research on issues falling into their specialisation.


Access to this type of qualification have those who have completed at least the secondary education (level 4).
Holders of such qualifications gain access to study programmes at the same level or at level 7 or 8.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.