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The trainees, following their graduation shall be capable of the following:
• identify and understand the principles of the Legal Science and interpret the clauses of the Criminal and Procedural Law, and of the entire applicable legislation;
• discern and specify the numerous subjects and responsibilities of the Hellenic Police and describe practices relevant to police methodology;
• identify the parts and rules for using the firearms used by the Hellenic Police.
Skills - Competencies:
The trainees, following their graduation shall be capable of the following:
• apply pertinent law;
• organize and plan issues falling into their police capacity;
• perform their interrogating duties within the context of prosecuting and fighting crime;
• use firearms, as per the applicable legislation;
• respond to crises and manage them according to their duties;
• communicate with the civilian, with the purpose of protecting society;
• develop during their work and career a group spirit and the sense of upholding moral values.
Through training in the Constables' Academy, the graduates can evaluate the various situations during their service and properly apply the Constitution and the valid Law, having realised their mission, as state functionaries and social factors.

Further Information

The mission of the Hellenic Police Constable School is to train cadets and focuses on the proper professional training and suitable physical and mental preparation of the trainees, in order for them to become capable police constables and interrogating employees. When studying in the Hellenic Police Constable School, the students are taught cognitive subjects covering the following fields:  a) National, moral and organizational education, b) Legal and Administrative Science, c) Police Practice and Methodology, d) Social, Encyclopaedic and General Education, e) Physical Training and Sports, f) Weapon handling.

Relation To Employment

The degree of the Hellenic Police Constable School is necessary to perform the duties of the police constable (interrogating employee) of the Hellenic Police.


Holders of qualifications of GENERAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (LYKEIO), VOCATIONAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE ( EPAL) have access to programmes in the Anoteres Schools. Some programmes accept students on the basis of specific talent or achievement (e.g. in artistic fields).
Holders of POST SECONDARY AND NOT HIGHER EDUCATION DIPLOMA OR ‘DEGREE’ may access a range of Higher Education programmes leading to qualifications at Level 6 or higher.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.

Awarding Body

Hellenic Police Constable School

Qualification Type



Post secondary and not higher education




The programmes that lead to this type of qualifications have, at least, 2 academic years duration.