The holder of a Primary School certificate:

1. Has basic knowledge of vocabulary, functions, and structure of the Greek language for every communication instance.
2. Understands and approaches basic scientific concepts and methods (mathematics, physics, and history) and applies them effectively in his/her everyday life.
3. Acquires basic knowledge regarding the use of a computer and of a foreign language.
4. Understands basic concepts about arts (visual arts, theatre, and music).
1. Properly uses the Greek language for understanding, reading and also producing written and oral speech level.
2. Uses simple materials and tools.
3. Uses language as a code of communication and as a system of thought in numerous communication instances.
4. Uses simple computer operations.
1. Performs simple tasks based on specific instructions, by applying his/her basic knowledge.
2. Performs tasks within a team.

Relation To Employment

Holders of “Primary School Certificate” may be employed for simple tasks, after the age of 16.


Access to Primary School is possible for anyone having attended Pre-primary School. Holders of “Primary School Certificate” have access to the first circle of secondary education.

Ways To Aquire

Formal education system