Bachelor Degree of Higher School οf Tourism Education οf Rhodes. Department of Tourism Prοfessions. Higher School οf Tourism Education οf Rhodes.


The graduates acquire the following: knowledge for planning, organizing and managing hotels, implementing and controlling the production process, managing human resources, skills that will enable them to work in teams and understand the principles of applied management, skills for managing hotel / catering businesses, competence to organize and manage human resources, competence for economic management and budgeting, competence for planning and costing food, care for hygiene and safety in enterprises, competence for describing in detail the needs and / or problems of a company and finding methods to treat such problems.

Further Information

The purpose of the education is to prepare executives for hotel and other businesses in the tourism industry. 
Tuition lasts for seven semesters.  Each academic year includes two courses of studies: a) theory (October - June) and b) practice (July - September). Students are placed under the care of the Ministry of Finance, Infrastructure, Shipping, and Tourism (former Ministry of Tourism) for practical training in select Hotel and Tourism Businesses. 
Courses taught:                                                                                                                                                                       
● Introduction to Tourism ● Culinary Art ● Restaurant Technique ● House keeping Supervision - Financial Mathematics - Management Principles - Principles of Economics
● Mass food production ● Bar - Beverages - Oenology ● Introduction to computers ● Management of food and beverages ● Business statistics ● General Accounting Principles 
● Organisation and Operation of Catering Businesses ● Reception and Reservation Service ● Tourism Economy ● Architecture - Hotel Equipment ● Corporate Accounting ●  Elements of Law, selection among:  ● Tourism Sociology and ● Tourism Psychology
● Customer Accounting Keeping ● Hotel IT Organisation ● Tourism Geography for Greece ● Labour relations ● English Tourism Terminology ● Second foreign language (Tourism terminology)
● Tourism marketing ● Financial Management ● Hotel Legislation ● Hotel Management ● Maintenance of Hotel Facilities and Equipment ● Intercultural Education and Communication in Tourism, selection among:  ● Tourism Market Research and ● Tourism Consumer Behaviour 
● Professional Tourism ● Promotion of Hotel Product ● Hotel Software ●  Entrepreneurship in Tourism ● Graduates' Seminar ● Hotel Entertainment, selection among:  ● Tourism development and ● Tourism Policy
● Dissertation ●  Practical training

Relation To Employment

The graduates of the School acquire professional rights of Technological Education category, as specified in Presidential Decree 356/1989 (article 33 & 53 of Law 3105/2003).


Holders of qualifications of GENERAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (LYKEIO), VOCATIONAL UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE ( EPAL) have access to programmes in the Anoteres Schools. Some programmes accept students on the basis of specific talent or achievement (e.g. in artistic fields).
Holders of POST SECONDARY AND NOT HIGHER EDUCATION DIPLOMA OR ‘DEGREE’ may access a range of Higher Education programmes leading to qualifications at Level 6 or higher.

Ways To Aquire

Qualifications of this type are acquired via formal education.